Customer Experience Maps

Customer Experience Maps are a great way to start a project. Contact as many potential customers as you can (or even friends, co-workers in the office, and friends of friends), and ask them many questions. Write down all the responses, and place them on a Customer Experience Map.

UX - Customer Experience Map -

‘Customer Experience Maps’ are a great way to start a project. This is a Customer Experience Map I made under the notion of ‘buiding a new E-Commerce site.’

You can download the PDF version of this map here, and the JPeg version can be found here.

Here are a few of my thoughts on ‘Customer Experience Maps:’

  •  It’s often good to make a version of this for the office on a whiteboard or with post-it notes. This is so that everyone can see it. Keep the main PDF map as the base template though, just in case someone moves the post-it notes.
  • Write everything down that potential customers say, and put as much of it as you can in the map. Sometimes edge cases can yield valuable insights later on.
  • As noted above, the ideal case has you polling a hundred strangers in your potential demographic, but this is not always possible. At the very least, poll friends and people in the office, and make sure you get a good range of answers, from the hard-core ‘power-user’ tech people, to the Pinterest-using creative types, to the Internet Explorer users, to the Social Media people.