Jon Maas’s creepy short story ‘The Web,’ now available on Wattpad!

The Web - By Jon Maas

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Creepy Short Story ‘The Web,’ now available for free on Scribd

The Web - By Jon Maas

I just uploaded one of my creepier short stories, ‘The Web,’ to the online library ‘Scribd,’ price: free. You may have to register with Scribd to read it, but here is the link nonetheless!

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Your Horrible Friends Make Great Characters – Three Examples

Horrible Friends make Great Characters - Photo Courtesy of 'Stop Alcoholic Deaths, Inc'

You’re almost set to go with your novel/short story/video game script. You’ve got the town mapped out, you’ve got the basic plot … but your outline just isn’t *snapping*.

Right now everything you have is just banal. The plot fits, but it’s not popping, and it’s not memorable.

Time to bring in a character with an awful, horrible, sociopathic personality. You won’t want to meet him, let alone depend on him to pick you up at the airport at 5am, but your readers will have fun reading about this character, and you’ll have fun writing about him.
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Eight Ways a Working Parent Can Find Time to Write

Eight Ways a Working Parent Can Find Time to Write - Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Vinni

You get up, shower and commute to the office. You work all day, commute back, cook dinner, eat dinner, clean up after dinner, and then bathe your kids. Now it’s 9 pm and you’re too tired to think, let alone work on the novel.

Well I’ve got news for you; you’ve got the time to write, you’ve got the energy to write; you just have to know how to grab them both. Just follow a few of these steps and your writing will get back into high gear.

  • Commute to Work on Public Transportation Every Once in Awhile, and Bring Your Laptop – The subway and the bus can be your Writer’s haven. Your kids aren’t there yelling at each other and your spouse isn’t there yelling at you. The crazy guy next to you is yelling at a pair of flip-flops, but he’s comparatively easy to tune out. It might take half an hour longer to get to work, but that’s a half hour more time for you to write. If you don’t live near a subway or bus station, drive to one in the morning. Do what you need to do.
    Bus Stop in Snow - From Wikimedia Commons

    Switching to public transportation a few times a week adds time to your commute – but it also gives you time to write.

  • Your Lunch Hour is for You to Write, not to Chat With Your Co-workers – It’s noon. Your co-workers are headed to Togo’s and want to bring you along. Say no. Writing is more important than a banal, stilted conversation with Sally from R&D. Bring a sack-lunch, find a place away from prying eyes and as soon as you’re off the clock, you’re Hemingway.
  • Talk With Your Spouse and Get an Evening to Yourself once Per Week – If you’re fortunate enough to still be with your spouse or partner, tell them that you need a Writer’s night once per week. He or she takes the kids for an evening, and you go straight to the Coffeeshop from work. Boom, you have a four hour stretch of writing. Make it early in the week too; a boring day like Monday or Tuesday. Things are less likely to come up early in the week, and if they do, it’s easier to reschedule.
  • Your Laptop Goes with You Wherever You Go – You’re at a P.T.A. conference. You’re early and the teacher is late. You can either spend thirty minutes checking your Smartphone, or thirty minutes writing Historical Fiction about Pope Pius II. It’s up to you. Bring your laptop with you wherever you go, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to pop out two hundred words.

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4 Reasons You Should Try Writing in the Fantasy Genre

4 Reasons You Should Try Writing in the Fantasy Genre

So you’ve arrived home, the day job is over, it’s 8pm and something magic is about to happen. It’s Tuesday, you’re not that tired, and you have four hours in front of you to compose a short story, write a poem, or perhaps sketch out a novel.

Finally, you get to work on your chick-lit erotic noir, where it’s 50 Shades of Grey, but both characters are Hollywood actors, and the girl also runs a fashion magazine, and the guy could be played by Tom Hardy, or maybe someone from The CW

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Spanners – Got a great Review from RisingShadow!

Rising Shadow LogoSpanners: The Fountain of Youth just got a great review in RisingShadow – check it out!

Four classic antiheroes – and why we love them


It’s always tricky constructing a main character that will engender empathy, but perhaps the trickiest character of all to create is one that would be an “antihero.”

Not a big tough guy who only really hurts the bad guys, like Paul Kersey in Death Wish (Paul Benjamin in the books), but a really bad person as the main character. Paul Kersey is selfless and helps protect the weak. An antihero isn’t just out to get the bad guys. They’re often vain, criminal and unlikeable.

In short, if the world is better off without the main character, they just might be an antihero.

Walter White

The world would be better off without Meth dealers like Walter White. It wouldn’t be as interesting, but you probably wouldn’t want Walter White living next door to you.

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