I’m just starting my art portfolio – you can check out my page on DeviantArt here.

Khaleesi - Game of Thrones - by Jon Maas

‘Khaleesi’ – My tribute to George RR Martin – and the way he writes women

The Flying Squirrels of Nosferatu - art by Jonathan Maas

“The Flying Squirrels of Nosferatu.” This is a painting I did to explore a part of a story that I am working on called ‘The Dog that Laid Eggs.’ I made this to explore the combination of the scary (vampires) and the cute (flying squirrels). Through this I deduced that cute can win out! I also made this to understand lighting and shading better, and how to employ them to make the 2d a bit closer to 3d.

"Night Rainbows," by Jonathan Maas.

“Night Rainbows.” This is my tribute to ‘My Neighbor Totoro,’ Hayao Miyazaki and to any kid who has ever had a dream. Done with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Montana Memories

‘Montana Memories’ – This is a piece I did based on a trip I took with a friend to Glacier National Park, Montana.


The Crows' Gethsemane

‘The Crows’ Gethsemane’ – This is an art piece that I started so that I could explore the nature of crows, and understand just what they are. I also wanted to explore the theme of ‘Gethsemane’ – i.e. a humble, unknown place in nature where creature’s can conspire in secret before changing the world after the sun rises.

Red State Blue - Painting of Comedian Jay LaFarr by Jon Maas

‘Red State Blue’ – Design I did for comedian Jay LaFarr – possibly a comedy CD, possibly a one-man show

Chessboard in 2.5-d

‘Chessboard in 2.5d’ – I added selective blur, sizing, and angled lines to make this 2d picture seem 3-d.